Born in Dibulu village, Congo, I first learned to play the likembe (kalimba). At age 8, I moved to Brazaville, Congo, and joined my first band (Echo Noire) and toured throughout Europe. In 1970, I formed the band African Rhythms. Next, I created M'Bamina with the help of Antoinne Nkouka and Father Christian De La Bretesche. M'Bamina fused diverse sounds and rhythms from Africa and the Caribbean. M'Bamina toured internationally and produced nine albums. During this time, I was a musical director and producer for Paco Rabanne. Later, I performed on Tony Allen's first solo album, produced by Martin Meissonnier. Next, I composed and produced solo material in California. I formed the Ngoma Players and released my first solo album, Introspection. I toured and continued to produce albums since that time. My current project will be my 20th album.

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